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May 26th, 2009 by Dean Hall

Billy Jacobs is a self-taught artist from Navarre, Ohio.    He has worked in the gift and craft industry for over 20 years.   Billy also designs and licenses to several major companies.  Billy started his career mainly as a woodcrafter, but has focused the last ten years on his painting.
Billy  works in a variety of mediums from acrylic and watercolor to digital.    He  is also a font designer.   He has designed over 100 fonts,  mostly antique style fonts based on old advertising from the 19th century.    Several of his fonts can be found at    And Billy’s talents don’t stop there.   He is also an amateur magician and puppeteer as well as a songwriter.

Although born in Detroit, Michigan,  Billy spent  most of his formative years in the Stark County area as the middle child in a family of six children.  Four sisters and a younger brother who passed away from a sudden illness several years ago.   Billy lives in Navarre, Ohio, with his wife Brenda and 13 year old Daughter Sarah.

Sarah is also a budding artist and author.   She has had several comics published on the Neopets website.   Billy’s first "professional" art job came as a junior at Meadowbrook High School where he was paid $20.00 to design the Bicentennial logo for the Town of Bloomingburg, Ohio.   He still has his original sketch.

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14 Responses

  1. C. White

    I would just like to say I just started collecting Billy Jacobs prints The first one we recieved as a gift. We have since bought six more we just love them They add a nice touch to our country home thankyou Billy Jacobs.

  2. Kent Slocum

    last week we purchased Autumn Afternoon and love it. We have room for one more print and after searching the Internet, found Summer Snow Art, and ordered The Road Home. This is our first exposure to the Art of Billy Jacobs. You have found two new friends of your fine talent.
    Kent and Cora Lee

  3. Terri

    I am trying to locate a series painted by Billy Jacobs called Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I love these pictures. Can you help?

  4. Jennifer Anderson

    I have both ‘The Road Home’ and ‘Silent Night’ in my living room and I can not begin to tell you what warmth they both add to my home. They remind me of where I grew up and that always brings back great memories. What a wonderful talent you have and thank you for sharing that with the world.
    ~Jennifer Anderson

  5. Dan Judge

    Does anyone know how to contact Billy Jacobs? I am interested in having him paint my farm.

  6. Don Cox

    I love your art. I’m usually drawn to more modern and abstract styles, but this really moves me. The composition is perfect, and the feel of the pieces is great. I bought a print. Thanks

  7. Summer Snow

    You can find all of his framed artwork including the 4 seasons pictures on our website Just click Billy Jacobs under artists. Thanks

  8. Rhonda

    Billy is on facebook and easy to reach.

  9. Brenda

    I really like the art work of Billy Jacobs. I just saw them for the first time today in a store close to where my son works and wanted to learn more so I searched the internet. I am a painter also and really like to capture detail. I would like to know more about his techniques. Can you help direct me?

  10. Summer Snow

    HI Billy Jacob’s book “The Road Home” refers to his techniques. Early they were acrylics on wood and digital, now he mostly uses watercolor.

  11. Leslie

    I looked and looked for pictures,but I was in awestruck when I came across your prints. I can place myself in any one of these painting. So real,so interesting I look at the pictures I have purchased several times a day. For the first time I absolutely love what I have on my walls. Thank you for having prints within my budget. Your pictures outclass most prints higher in price. Thank-you for sharing your talents.

  12. cathy

    hi i live in northern ireland and have fell in love with these pictures of billy jacobs, every year someone goes to america thats the 1st thing on my list..

  13. Patricia Pirtle

    I discovered Billy Jacob’s art by accident. I love his work! I just ordered four prints (Spring Flowers-, Sweet Corn-, Pumpkins-, and Christmas Trees for sale) and his book. His work is definitely my style and fits my decorating taste. I’m sure I will be purchasing more!

  14. Robin Pham

    I’m From Lancaster Pennsylvania I was looking on the computer for a primative clock. billy jacob’s Autumn afternoon cought my eye. I bought this clock and love it wish it would have been a little bigger Though. The other day i went shopping with my mother and found that his art work is everywhere.I just purchased his Painting Evening Chores. and tomorrow i’m going to buy another print if i can make up my mined which one to buy. Absolutely Gorgous Thank you Billy

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